30 OCTOBER 2021

The event was accompanied by 33 participants, out of which 9 won awards.
The European Food Venture Forum is held every year in order to exploit the best business ideas within food and food tech industries. The occasion is presented with entrepreneurs from well-established international companies. 

Collaboration with Arla Foods

Mycorena’s recent progress and performance raised the competition hosts attention. Not only did we got a winner award but also were picked by Arla Foods’ best interest to have a collaboration. Ramkumar, founder and CEO of Mycorena, in response to this opportunity, says:

“We are really glad! It’s great to get such recognition, especially from a large industry player like Arla. It’s a big endorsement that Mycorena’s technology and product can bring huge value addition for the food industry.”

Further work with Arla Foods is now under progress and both companies are exploring the best possibilities of testing future applications.

Following the first round, the nine awarded companies will be followed in the second round of the “Tech Tour” which will take place in Essen, Germany on 9th and 10th of December.

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