07 JUNE 2023

Mycorena is taking significant steps in international expansion with new launches alongside partners. Through strategic partnerships, Mycorena is driving European expansion, enabling partners to develop tailored products for specific markets and paving the way for the widespread adoption of mycoprotein in the food industry. 

With the ambition to be a world leader in fungi technology, Swedish-based Mycorena is making its mark on the European market. Mycorena is actively facilitating its presence in Europe by enabling strategic partnerships and fostering collaborations with key partners in the food industry. With a specific focus on markets in Finland, Spain, France, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands, Mycorena is driving market-specific product development and embowing its partners to unlock the full potential of mycelium-based protein. These endeavours are made possible through strong alliances with innovative and like-minded companies such as Rebl Eats, Meeat Food Tech Oy, Revo and RIP Foods.  

Together with its industrial partners, just within the last few months Mycorena has sold products in different markets, adding up to a total impact of nearly 60,000 servings of promyc based products. To expand its customer base, the company has already announced its production expansion plans and is currently building its first large scale commercial factory. 

‘We are excited to collaborate with these fast-moving companies with similar mindsets as Mycorena. It’s a conscious choice to work with innovative, trendy and aggressively expanding brands to push the industry forward.’ says Ramkumar Nair, CEO, at Mycorena. 

’Together, we strive to create high-quality products that bring the entire alternative segment to new heights through new technology and innovative approaches. We want to prove that mycelium brings the untapped potential we’ve been missing. We believe our common values will accelerate the category beyond the vegan market. 

To establish Promyc® in the south European market, Mycorena has partnered with RIP Foods, a Barcelona based street food brand. The companies will soon launch their first joint product in the Netherlands, collaborating with plant-based restaurant Karma Kebab. Together they developed a unique, entirely vegan kofta inspired by Middle Eastern flavours. This is the first product announcement from the brand-new collaboration, aimed at creating mycelium-based street food surpassing previous plant-based options. 

The Spanish plant-based pioneers, RIP Foods are staunch supporters of making vegan food the new norm through quality products that appeal to the mainstream customer. Mycorena and RIP Foods share many traits, working tirelessly with R&D and strongly focusing on innovation and technology to improve taste and texture that will please flexitarians and meat eaters. The goal is to advance the overall Mediterranean market with more sustainable products, proving that the future of food can be both delicious and vegan.  

In October of 2022, Mycorena and Finnish Rebl Eats announced they were teaming up to provide meat substitutes made easy. In the first product line, the partners launched ready-to-eat foods on the Finnish market, which shortly became a bestseller. Today, Promyc-powered products are readily available in over 100 stores in Finland, selling more than 3000 products monthly. The collaboration is now broadening as Rebl Eats is taking further steps to expand to the French market.  

The Finnish Market is becoming a stronghold for Mycorena’s mycelium-based products. The partnership with Finnish Meeat Food Tech Oy reinforces this position. The company presented the first product prototypes at IFE - International Food & Drink Event in London, to receive validation from industry professionals. Meeat is a forward-thinking company blazing the trail for plant-based products in Finland, now aiming to enrich its portfolio with mycelium-based products.  

Mycorena’s collaborative partner Revo Foods has already revolutionised the world of 3D printing with its alternatives to salmon and tuna, currently sold in over 20 countries. The ambition of the Austrian company is to offer the best plant-based seafood on the market, and they are now investigating the potential of mycoprotein to expand their product range beyond the plant-based segment. Mycorena believes that collaborative partnerships enable great possibilities for creativity and innovation, allowing new technologies to develop. 

Altogether, Mycorena's recent partnerships are paving the way for market expansion, creating opportunities for Promyc®-powered products to be introduced in numerous European markets. This marks the initial phase of Mycorena's international expansion efforts, aimed at promoting mycelium-based food and introducing the versatile food category to new markets. The expansion will begin with 6 European markets, with plans to extend into additional markets in the future. 

Rapidly expanding FoodTech company Mycorena is on a mission to change the entire food industry, developing innovative technologies to explore the full potential of fungi mycelium. Currently, Mycorena is producing exclusively in Sweden but has plans to expand internationally for a local manufacturing approach. Future expansions will enable a complete production line anywhere in the world, using local raw materials and providing full-scale sustainable food production.  

For various customer collaborations, Mycorena team has already developed 14 new products within the range of cold cuts, cheese, seafood analogues, meat analogues, and hybrid products that are soon to be launched in different markets under different brands. 



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