06 JULY 2023

The ‘Promycing Future’ challenge consisted in transforming Mycorena's  Mycoprotein Promyc into Innovative Culinary Creations

Market research and product development project resulting in the development of exciting and highly nutritious applications tailored to specific markets and categories.


A talented team from Gastronomic Sciences Master’s Degree Program from the esteemed Basque Culinary Center (in Spain) has successfully completed the market research and product development project for Mycorena's mycoprotein Promyc. The challenge has yielded impressive new culinary creations that are not only high in nutritional value and flavor, while catering to the unique preferences of specific markets, ensuring that the products resonate deeply with local consumers, but also specifically tailored Promyc to different sectors, including the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) industry and the retail market.


The teams were tasked with identifying the ideal products to develop based on market research while embracing a hands-on learning approach. The result: a range of innovative dishes from snack breadsticks to empanadas and tacos, all featuring Mycorena's sustainable and healthy mycoprotein Promyc. The students’ ingenuity and creativity have resulted in a diverse selection of mycoprotein based options and by infusing traditional favorites with sustainable and nutritious ingredients, they have paved the way for a new era of culinary exploration.


This initiative, which combines the effort of students of the Faculty of Gastronomy Sciences of Basque Culinary Center and Mycorena, aims to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable planet, exploring innovative and sustainable solutions that further versatile applications of mycoprotein in the industry.


"These new creations demonstrate the endless potential of mycoprotein as a key ingredient in the future of sustainable food. We are thrilled with the results of the challenge and look forward to further expanding the possibilities for Promyc in the global market teaming with up and coming culinary talents in the industry," ---- Sandra Zachrisson, Head of Product Innovation at Mycorena.


This challenge tasked by Mycorena to Gastronomic Science students of Basque Culinary Center offers an input to the world of alternative proteins, combining culinary experience with research. As the demand for sustainable food sources continues to rise, the innovative applications developed by these master students could have the potential to reshape the future of the food industry.


About Mycorena       
Mycorena, founded in 2017, has quickly established itself as one of the fastest-growing companies in the food industry and is widely recognized as one of the leading FoodTech start-ups in Europe. The company is on a mission to revolutionize the food industry by developing innovative fungi technology to provide next-generation food ingredients. Their flagship product Promyc is a proprietary mycoprotein ingredient with exceptional qualities that set it apart from other protein sources.

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About Basque Culinary Center


Basque Culinary Center represents a unique ecosystem where training, innovation, research and entrepreneurship coexist with the aim of developing and propelling gastronomy, which is understood as reasoned knowledge about what and how we eat.


Our mission is rooted in values such as passion, innovation, excellence and social commitment. Located in San Sebastian since September 2011, Basque Culinary Center is a pioneer institution conformed by the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences, and the Centre for Research and Innovation in the field of gastronomy; BCC Innovation researches and innovates in product design, offers various services to companies, new entrepreneurs and young people with significant projects.  

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