Mycolein™ is a fungi-stabilised fat ingredient developed with Mycorena's proprietary emulsion technology. The fat solution displays properties more similar to animal fat than any other fat product on the market, produced entirely without animals. Mycolein™ is a Clean Label, low-fat product to be utilised in any type of product, whether plant-based, alternative protein or even meat.

The Low-Fat Fat

The unique fungi emulsion technology enables a significantly reduced fat content compared to other fats, making it a healthier option than conventional fats while maintaining juiciness. Mycolein™ is an excellent substitute for animal fats to reduce the consumption of saturated fats.

Unique Properties

Unlike other fats, Mycolein™ contains protein and fibre and significantly less fat.

  • Clean Label

    Only natural ingredients

  • Marbling

    Melts like animal fat tissue

  • Saturated Fat

    Reducing saturated fats by over 85% compared to coconut oil

  • Source of Fibre

    More than 3%

What Can You Do With Mycolein?

You can use MycoleinTM to enhance flavour and increase the juiciness of any product - plant-based, alternative protein or meat. The fungi enable a behaviour similar to animal fat. When cooked, the fat is released gradually, melting similarly to animal fat, encapsulating and enhancing flavour. It is even possible to create marbled products identical to meat. The recipe can be tailored to your needs, introducing any desired flavour profile or fortification with Omega 3. 


Emulsion Stabilising Technology

Mycolein is the first product derived from Mycorena’s unique emulsion technology, using fungi as a stabiliser. The emulsifying technology entraps the fat, mimicking animal fat cells. Unlike many plant-based alternatives, the fungi help stabilise the emulsion, enabling a melting behaviour similar to animal fat. The technology allows for various applications across different industries tailored to your needs.

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