Our idea

Bio-based Products from Circular Economy

We use a proprietary and innovative fungi-based process to create value from waste. Our process reuses waste mainly from the food & agriculture industries, converting it into fungi biomass that is later used for manufacturing of value-added products.

Our solution can be simply integrated between the industries and existing wastewater treatment plants. By using wastewater to create valuable biomass, our fungi-based process is a one-step water recycling add-on that reduces 95% of the organic waste content. The result of this process is the creation of a new revenue stream, where fungi biomass is created from the process of removing waste. Additionally, removing organic residues from the water will lower the downstream costs of wastewater management, creating additional profit to the industries involved.

New value

Water treatment can now generate real value through the creation of fungi biomass.

Lower costs

Our fungi remove organic waste from industrial wastewater, lowering wastewater treatment costs.

Biological process

Our process is purely biological, eliminating harsh conditions and material costs for traditional chemical processes.

Mycorena process for wastewater management while creating fungi-based products
Mycorena joins wastewater treatment to creating valuable products. Products include AscoFeed as edible protein for fish feed and Mimyc as a biocomposite bio-based material

Our Process

Our fungi do all the work!

Industries such as food and agriculture continuously produce wastewater which is rich in organic nutrients. If this wastewater is not treated adequately, these nutrients will often pollute the environment where they are disposed. Depending on where these industries are located, wastewater is either disposed in the environment or treated in costly effluent treatment plants.

To our fungi, the waste from food and agriculture industries is actually a rich source of nutrients that they can use to grow and multiply! Fungi will consume nutrient contaminants from the wastewater while creating valuable biomass from it. We can then use this fungal biomass and process it into valuable products for sustainable applications. From the same grown fungal biomass, we can produce different products for very distinct applications:

Part of the produced biomass is edible protein-rich fungi. This is processed into AscoFeed, a competitive and sustainable feed component for animal food.

The other biomass part is processed into Mimyc, a biocomposite formulation that creates a biodegradable and mechanically resistant replacement to packaging plastics.