Our technology

Transforming Lost Resources into Food

We use a proprietary and innovative fungi-based process to create valuable protein from low-value resources. While these resources could be different types of refined carbohydrates, we specialized and optimized our process to convert by-products and side-streams from the food industry into our protein-rich  fungi biomass. This way, we can avoid food loss in industry and create value from it instead.

Our fungi are a nutritive and valuable protein source, and this type of fungi-derived protein is called mycoprotein. Compared to animal protein production, mycoprotein production emits up to 20 times less CO2, uses 60 times less water and needs 5000 times less land!

Our solution works as a “plug-in” that can be added to industrial production process accepting both liquid and solid feedstocks. We use a fermentation process, allowing our fungi to grow while feeding on the organic residues from these food side-streams. This process removes up to 95% of the organic residues and converts them into a natural and safe food ingredient.

mycorena fungi fermentation

Mycoprotein Innovation

How are we different?

Mycoprotein is not a novelty. This alternative protein source is already common in the market in countries like Sweden, UK or US. It has been shown a superior alternative to animal and plant-based options.

While others will use other organisms or other feedstocks dependent on agricultural land, we pioneer in our circular economy approach to producing mycoprotein. Through biotechnology we make this concept possible, and created a system for providing custom-made solutions to companies eager to take this jump.

Looking for the application of our product, Promyc, into other segments? This is surely possible: Check as an example Promyc for aquaculture feed.