Our idea

Transforming Food Waste into Protein

We use a proprietary and innovative fungi-based process to create value from waste. Our process reuses waste from the food & agriculture industries, converting it into fungi biomass. We then use this biomass for manufacturing valuable protein for food and feed.

Our solution works like a “plug-in” that can be simply added to industrial waste outputs and accepts both liquid and solid waste streams. We use a fermentation process, during which our fungi will grow, feeding on the organic residues from the food waste.

The result of this system is a cleaning process, where we are creating protein while at the same time reusing food waste. This process removes up to 95% of the organic residues from the waste stream.

In the end of the fermentation process, our fungi will have grown to considerable amounts and can be then separated from the water and processed into Promyc™ Protein. This water is then clean from organic residues and can be reused back in the industry.

Mycorena fungi plate

Our Process

Our Fungi Do All the Work!

Industries such as food and agriculture continuously produce waste streams which are rich in organic nutrients. These often end up being a source of environment pollution. The good news is, our fungi love this rich source of nutrients! With so much food available, the fungi will use this food remains to grow and multiply!

Fungi will consume different types of sugars, lipids and proteins from the wastewater, while creating valuable biomass from it. Biomass form our fungi is composed of more than 50% protein, an exquisitely high content when compared to other animal and plant sources.

Processing of this fungi biomass ensures its safety and nutrition, so we can proudly deliver Promyc™, a competitive and sustainable protein source for food and feed applications.