• About Mycorena

    At Mycorena, we create products that will have a major impact in the global sustainability challenges. We developed a proprietary process based on fungi biotechnology, to create vegan protein for food products in the most resource-efficient and sustainable way. We aim for this to be the first of many innovations that can contribute to a better world, while doing what we do best.

    We are located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and have been operating our business since 2018. In 2019, we have scaled from the lab to our first pre-industrial pilot facility and established partnerships with several global companies as testing and paying customers. In our team we are now more than 25 employees, and constantly growing!

  • Where are we heading?

    We envision being the world’s leading brand for fungi-based products made possible through biotechnology. The food sector is where we found real challenges we could solve, so in that sense, we have built a vision around a world where we have enabled more climate-friendly and environmentally sustainable eating habits.

    Our team of professional engineers and business people are on a mission to create a sustainable and healthy protein alternative to current protein products.



    "Finding next-generation food ingredients that are healthy, climate-friendly and resource-efficient is a necessity to achieve lasting positive change in our food system. Our vision is to build Mycorena into a global leader at the forefront of this change."

    -Ram Nair

    Founder & CEO of Mycorena


Our board of directors is composed of experienced experts, covering investment, food and real estate and many other fields, bringing us professional, accurate and forward-looking guidance.

  • Tore Svealv

    Tore Svealv is an investment manager and business developer at GU ventures with more than 30 year's experience from senior management roles in sustainable food, Agriculture. Tore currently sits on the board of several high profile startups within biotechnology, Agriculture, B2B SaaS and more.

  • Elisabet Ehn

    Elisabeth Ehn is a serial FinTech entrepreneur turned investor and coach with more than 10 years of experience in building and scaling high growth organizations. Elisabeth is also a board member of hypermarket, who owns and operates the single largest grocery supermarket in Nordics.

  • Wim Slee

    Wim Slee is the co-CEO and owner of VEOS Group, a leading global manufacturer of functional animal proteins for human nutrition, animal feed and a wide range of different applications. He has more than 15 years of experience within food science, manufacturing and process engineering.

  • Jorge Hallgren

    Jorgen Hallgren has spent 20 years in the corporate banking industry, building strong expertise and a vast network within finance. He has also spent more than 10 years in the real estate industry and is the previous CEO of the industrial firm in the sector of recycling and waste management.

  • Per Stenstrom

    Per Stenstrom is the principal owner of Bertegruppen, Sweden's oldest family-owned food industry group, which has spent 450 years in the food business and grain milling sectors.


Do you want to create and produce vegan, sustainable and highly efficient products that scale easily? We are happy to work with companies who want a competitive advantage and innovative new solution. Whether using our existing products or cooperating to develop new products, our strong R&D and production team is a powerful assistant to your business success.

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