About Us

Swedish Cleantech Partner


Mycorena was founded in 2017 as a spin-off company from the Swedish Centre for Research Recovery. Mycorena develops and commercializes research-based processes for sustainable waste management solutions. The technology, based on using edible filamentous fungi, allows for a completely bio-based method of turning various industrial waste streams into customizable high-value products. By creating wealth from waste, we aspire to help transform industries across the globe into truly circular economies.


We are on the mission to drive the industries across the globe into sustainable circular economies, by transforming low-value waste streams into high-value bio-based products


We envision be the world’s leading technology brand for bio-based cleantech processes


Research and development

Funded and promoted by Swedish Energy agency  and Swedish research council-FORMAS, and carried out with the collaboration from various industries in Sweden and abroad


Mycorena AB was founded

Official registration of the company with support from Chalmers Innovation Office and Swedish state owned venture capital arm-ALMI 


First pre-seed institutional investments

Pre-seed investment from Swedish public incubator and venture capital agency- GU Holding AB


Establishing first industrial pilot plant

First of its kind pilot facility for the demonstration of Mycorena’s fungi process will be in operation by 2019



Ramkumar Nair, PhD


Prof.Gilbert Svensson

Technical Director & Board Member

Tore Svealv

Board Chairman (GU Ventures)

Rebecca Gmoser, PhD

Innovation & R&D

Fredrik Schubert

Innovation & R&D

Lindsay Berg

Business Operations

Anton Johansson

Finance & Business Operations

Kalle Genheden

Process Engineer

Mariana Teixeira

Business Operations (Brazil)