• About Mycorena

    Mycorena is a food tech company that works with fungi technology to create products and processes that will major impact the global sustainability challenges. Since our start in 2017, we have developed a proprietary process based on fungi biotechnology to create vegan protein for food products in the most resource-efficient and sustainable way. With this vegan food ingredient, the possibilities are endless, and we have multiple food prototypes, such as vegan tuna, vegan crispy burgers, vego balls, that are being sold all around Sweden. With our technology, we aim to change the future of food.

  • Where are we heading?

    We envision being the world’s leading brand for fungi-based products made possible through biotechnology.
    Today, we are located in Gothenburg, where we have established Scandinavia's largest-ever mycoprotein pilot production plant, with a current production capacity of 100 tons per year. With this capacity, we have initiated multiple successful collaborations with industry leaders worldwide, both in B2B and B2C markets. In 2022 we will finalize the construction of our first full-scale commercial production plant, which will be one of its kind but one of many that we will build.



    "Finding next-generation food ingredients that are healthy, climate-friendly and resource-efficient is a necessity to achieve lasting positive change in our food system. Our vision is to build Mycorena into a global leader at the forefront of this change."

    -Ram Nair

    Founder & CEO of Mycorena


Do you want to create and produce vegan, sustainable and highly efficient products that scale easily? We are happy to work with companies who want a competitive advantage and innovative new solution. Whether using our existing products or cooperating to develop new products, our strong R&D and production team is a powerful assistant to your business success.

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