• Big ideas start with people

    People at Mycorena are thinkers, visionaries and doers. That’s why we work with people with more than just a passion for innovative ideas – they must also have the courage to bring them to life.

  • Create diversity for work

    We believe diversity creates more opportunities for success. That’s why we recruit great minds from all over the world: regardless the gender, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability. Our main aim is to find people from around the globe who can contribute to world-changing food technology.

Our Values


    We seek to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence in our work, products, and services we provide to the world.


    Everyone deserves the same attention, respect, and professionalism, from intern to CEO and from individual customers to international groups.


    We empower and lift each other up. We genuinely believe that a team should work together to unleash the potential of every team member.


    We are innovative and find solutions where others find obstacles. We think differently and strive to apply creative thinking and creativity to everything we do.


    We are brave, energetic, and enthusiastic. We are persistent and determined in our pursuit of achieving our goals.


Create the career you love

There is life at work and outside of work. In Mycorena, we want everyone to have a healthy, balanced life with sustainable financial resources and the support they need.


  • Stay Informed

    We believed that the company is created together by people. That’s why we have a few programs to bring our offices together and share key aspects of the business across the entire organization.

  • Reward And Recognize

    We offer competitive pay and benefits, but we always look for ways to reward those who stand out among their peers and demonstrate true dedication.

  • Flexible Talent

    Employees are changing, and so are we. In Mycorena, you are not limited by the title. There are endless possibilities throughout the departments. Feel free to explore your other talents.

  • Work Hard, Play Hard

    Throughout the year we hold several major soirees. Across our offices, we have no shortage of sports pools, lunch n’ learns, clubs of every kind, and, of course, spectacular parties.

Meet the team

Meet the incredible team that built one of Europe’s fastest-growing FoodTech startups.

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Inside Mycorena Life

  • Change the future every day

    The world is constantly changing and we’re always thinking about what’s next. Can you help us build the technologies and innovations for the future of food industry?

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  • The people leading the way

    Companies don’t move the world forward, people do. Meet some of our innovators creating a new vision for the next generation.

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