Promyc® as an Industrial Ingredient

Promyc® is a vegan mycoprotein ingredient produced through biotechnology with the fermentation process as a core. Our production process allows us to be a lot more efficient than traditional farming in terms of time, cost and feedstock, with much less environmental impact. It also enables the decentralization of food production, making it possible to produce Promyc® wherever needed.


Promyc® is in fact quite a boring ingredient – neutral colour, taste, and smell. But boring doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Besides being neutral in colour, taste, and smell, Promyc is a sustainable mycoprotein ingredient that can be used to produce vegan food products and that brings a great source of fibre and protein, nutrition, and healthy vitamins while offering a great texture.

High Nutritional value

“No compromises” means a tasty experience without hurting you, the environment, or anything else really. Great meals come with proper balanced nutrition, which helps you get full of energy.

  • Low-Fat

    Less than 3%

  • Source of Fibre
    Source of Fibre

    More than 3%

  • Source of Protein
    Source of Protein

    Contains all essential amino acids

  • Sugar Free

    Less than 0.5%

What Can You Make with Promyc®?

Thanks to the features that Promyc® entails, it results in a versatile ingredient.
It can be used in various kinds of food applications with different tastes and flavours to meet growing consumer demand for alternative vegan protein sources.



Join the Future of Food

Interested in including Promyc® in your assortment?
Join our journey towards a more sustainable, innovative and tasty future.

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