Swedish mycoprotein-based ingredient


Promyc is a protein-rich ingredient made from fungi. With Promyc, all sort of meat-like products can be made, with no compromise in taste, sustainability or nutrition.


Innovative Food Ingredient

Great Mouthfeel

Meaty Texture and Great Taste

We know that a great eating experience is the key to a successful product. Promyc provides the base for a great meal without animals, by giving you a unique texture and a neutral taste base. From here, a variety of delicious products can be made, so you’ll never get a boring dinner again.

Healthy & Sustainable

Good for Everyone

“No compromises” means a tasty experience without hurting you, the environment, or anything else really. Great meals need a sustainable, healthy and ethical product, and that product is here!


Produced in Sweden

No more dubious choices of where and how something is produced. The natural process that creates the Promyc structure can be setup anywhere in the world. Currently, Promyc is fully made in Sweden.

A process much like making beer

How is Promyc made?

Promyc is produced through a fermentation process, quite similar to brewing beer or making yogurt. We grow our fungus in a modern and innovative way, but letting its texture grow naturally!

Want a deeper look into our technology?

The real advantages

We only have one planet

The world is not big enough

9 times less land

You would need an entire tennis court to farm enough soy to feed 1 person for a whole year. With Promyc, you only need a small apartment.

Why should I care?

We are already using more than 50% of the world’s habitable land for making food. There’s just not enough land to feed the upcoming generations in the same way we do now.

Water is scarce

8 times less water

To make 1 kg of Chicken, you use about 10 bathtubs full of water. With Promyc, you save more than 8 of those.

Why should I care?

Only about 3% of Earth’s water is freshwater. Of that, only about 1.2% can be used as drinking water. Even having this little water, we “waste” 70% of it making food. We need make food better, and we can.

Climate change is real

23 times less CO2

A single (beef) burger creates as much CO2 as a 50 Km car drive. You would need to eat 23 Promyc burgers to be this bad!

Why should I care?

Green house gases are the main cause of climate change. Without cutting CO2 emissions, we are creating irreversible damage to the world, and to future generations. It turns out that animal production for food is one of the main causes of greenhouse gases in the world. Well, good thing we dont need animals anymore!

What can be made?

The applications of Promyc

Whole Cuts
Patties, Balls, Mince

And much, much more!