28 APRIL 2023

We are publishing an open letter with Quorn Foods urging the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) committee to swiftly reconsider their recommendations on protein for the benefit of all Nordic consumers and our climate.

Mycoprotein is well-proven to be a nutrient-packed source of complete protein and a win for the environment. Produced in a resource-efficient fermentation process that can be operated anywhere, it shames the climate footprints of animal and plant-based proteins. Despite these compelling facts, the NNR has insofar refused to acknowledge mycoprotein as a key food group in its own right. We view this as a significant disservice to consumers, whose ability to make well-informed decisions about their protein intake is restricted as a result.

As joint pioneers in the mycoprotein space, Quorn Foods and Mycorena are standing by to provide our insights to this high-potential project on updating our nutrition recommendations in the Nordics. We ask the committee to give mycoprotein its rightful place in the updated recommendations, set to be published in 2023.  

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