27 MARCH 2023

After 15 years at Carlsberg, Angelica Ivesand decided it was time to do something new, and she accepted the challenge of building a factory from the ground up. As Quality Operations Lead at Mycorena, she's in charge of quality at the factory in Falkenberg.

- When I learned about Mycorena, it piqued my interest. The company seemed exciting, and the thought of building something from scratch was incredibly appealing. I felt like the role was made for me, so it was a no-brainer.

The team in Falkenberg is still relatively small, although constantly growing. Several of her team members also have a background at Carlsberg, making her feel right at home. Her experience in various parts of the manufacturing process has also given her excellent insights into the complete production line, both individual components and the big picture.

- I have a broad background in processing, from lab assistant to process engineer and project manager. It has helped me in my current role because it has given me an excellent comprehension of the best practice.

During her last year at Carlsberg, she worked as a quality engineer in packaging. Her role included wearing many hats, but with the main focus of delivering high quality and food safety control. Much of her current work revolves around preparing for certifications and optimising the quality going forward.

- Building a brand-new factory from scratch is like a dream from a quality perspective. It allows us to ensure quality and food safety from the start. I get to put my experience to good use when we plan the factory's needs and custom-build everything according to our process specifications.

It's difficult to compare her previous experiences with the work at Mycorena in many ways, but the production and the manufacturing environment are similar. The most significant difference is the switch from brewing beer and mixing soft drinks to brewing fungi.

- I thoroughly enjoy working with quality, but I'm also in charge of the environmental aspects at the factory, which is a big part of our focus. 

She also believes that the more the company improve the process, the better foundation for the future.

- I'm not much for quick fixes. I like to find the root cause of a problem and build a structure to prevent issues rather than constantly putting out fires. It takes more time, energy, and patience, but it's worth it in the end. I know the results will be extraordinary.

So what do people need to know about Mycorena?

- First of all, the potential of what we're doing here. Even though I'm neither vegan nor vegetarian, I see the need to change our consumption patterns for our health and the environment. It's thrilling how much we can do with technology and how it can revolutionise an industry.

When she describes herself, Angelica says she is easily amused, stubborn and sometimes impatient. Her hobbies go in cycles of creative outlets, anything from intense periods of baking to diving into crafts, painting and puzzling to just indulging in a long streak of playing video games.

- I am also midways through my studies to become a brewmaster, and part of the education included a lot of fermentation. Fermentation is very interesting, and I experimented with kombucha quite a bit. I brewed about 50 litres in my kombucha period. I never got into sourdough because the yeast seems more intimidating, but fermentation holds many possibilities.

Falkenberg has a unique grip on her. She even commuted to Gothenburg daily while she did her education in chemical engineering at Chalmers, but she enjoys joining her colleagues at MIND from time to time. If she ever were to move, it would be to Gothenburg.

- I love the city's general atmosphere. There is something special about trams and just going to Slottsskogen for a hike, watching the animals, or grabbing a pizza and seeing how the kids enjoy themselves. It reminds me of Central Park.

The city's ambience is similar to the company's in how she describes it.

- The atmosphere is so open and welcoming. There's a great mix of people with different perspectives, and that diversity is incredibly valuable. We all benefit from each other and improve the business. The company has a fast-paced environment, but it's dynamic and agile. We grow together. It's inspiring.


Fun fact: She's very fond of old stones, like pyramids and castles.

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