10 MARCH 2023

The Trade and Industry Group Göteborg&CO annually rewards successful companies operating in the Gothenburg region. By unanimous decision, Mycorena was chosen as this year's most pivotal company to put Gothenburg on the map. 

Mycorena accepted the award at an award ceremony hosted by the Trade and Industry Group Göteborg &CO and the Gothenburg Business Society on the 9th of March.


The motivation for the award:

Today's food production accounts for 30 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions. We know that future food needs to be climate-smart, resource-efficient, and nutritious.

Several years ago, a journey and vision started in India to change the food industry. This has continued through research in Sweden and has now been established in Gamlestans factories. With an entirely new way of producing protein without the involvement of animals or large farming areas, this company aims to provide food accessible to everyone in the future. 

The company's foundation is a fungi protein in a fermentation process that, together with entrepreneurship and international expertise, creates opportunities to conquer the world with an entirely new type of food. 

The winner of the 2022 Gothenburg Company Award is Mycorena.

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