06 MARCH 2023

Meat is an excellent source of protein and nutrients; that much is difficult to contest. 

Food deriving from the animal kingdom is, in general, incredibly nutritious. Meat, egg and milk are all complete proteins containing all essential amino acids.

A balanced diet includes all necessary nutrients, both macro- and micronutrients, not just protein but fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. But, contrary to what many believe, there are other ways to get them all than from the animal kingdom. 

Plant-based protein is excellent in many ways, but many aren’t complete proteins, and some contain antinutrients which inhibit the uptake of nutrients in the body. 

Mycoprotein, on the other hand, is a complete protein with a great nutritious profile. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any antinutrients that would hinder the body’s absorption of nutrients. 

The animal, plant, and fungi kingdoms have different benefits and advantages. A balanced diet doesn’t necessarily mean cutting things out entirely or solely eating one thing. Balance could mean eating things in moderation or a little bit of everything. 

Red meat, especially, should be consumed in moderation. But moderation is relative, and meat consumption has benefits and drawbacks. 

Mycoprotein and meat have great qualities on their own, both being complete proteins with many nutritional benefits. Both provide protein, fibre and vitamins, but by reducing the amount of meat, we can also reduce the associated health risks, such as heart disease or stroke, without compromising on nutrition. 

If you want to limit your consumption of cholesterol and saturated fats, swapping meat for mycoprotein could be a good solution. Moreover, a recent study found that switching meat for mycoprotein significantly reduces levels of cancer-causing genotoxins. It also improves gut health. 

In short, mycoprotein is an excellent meat substitute and can give your body all the nutrients it craves. However, completely cutting out meat might not be for everyone. A balanced and healthy diet could still include both meat and mycoprotein. Maybe a mix. 

Blending mycoprotein and meat in a hybrid means you still get the good stuff from both and a little less of the bad stuff that overconsumption of meat could bring. 

The era of hybrids is here. 

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