Swedish foodtech company strengthen its commercial management with Bernhard Ilerup as new Head of Commercial Growth in substantial scale-up.


Mycorena is scaling up and doing so intently. Its recent hire Bernhard Ilerup comes straight from a managerial position at fellow mycoprotein producer Quorn Foods, a longtime leader in the mycoprotein market. In his new position as Head of Commercial Growth at Mycorena, Ilerup is faced with the opportunity of taking the company to a new level on the commercial side.


The alternative protein and mycoprotein industries are advancing, and Mycorena is at the helm. Using innovative fungi biotechnology, Mycorena has begun to pave the way for a sustainability revolution with the groundbreaking mycoprotein Promyc. En route to becoming an established industry leader, Mycorena is nearing commercial production with its new Promyc Production Plant 3P, set to be operational in 2023.


Recent reports have seen a decline in the plant-based market as consumers are unsatisfied with the quality and taste of the products. The mycoprotein market is, however, steadily advancing, and thanks to the superior texture and versatile application possibilities of fungi, it is predicted to continue advancing. In preparation for this, Mycorena plans to scale to meet the increasing demand for high-quality vegan products, starting with reinforcing the commercial side. Mycorena is growing fast, and with it, the need for industry competence. Bernhard Ilerup is ready to take on his next challenge at Mycorena.


- "I am really happy to join the team on this exciting journey, Mycorena has a promising future ahead and is moving incredibly fast. Their innovation and technology have the potential to be a real game changer in the entire industry, joining the company at this stage is an exciting opportunity. I am really looking forward to taking the next steps with them to drive growth", says Bernhard.


With the commercial production set to commence shortly, the goal is to align the commercial growth, aided by the addition of Ilerup. With over 20 years of experience in some of the leading companies in the food industry, including Swedish market leader Findus and most recently as Commercial Manager Nordics at Quorn Foods, Ilerup has extensive knowledge of both the industry and the mycoprotein market. In his new role at Mycorena, he will strengthen commercial development at a crucial point in the company’s expansion.

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