Peas of Heaven, the Swedish market leader in fresh plant-based products, is pivoting to the frozen section together with much hyped, Swedish food tech company Mycorena. The products combine recipes from Peas of Heaven, protein from peas and Mycorena's unique mycoprotein ingredient Promyc, derived from fungi. All four products are now available nationwide in Sweden – with more markets to follow shortly.


The two brands have already teamed up once before. During early summer, Peas of Heaven and Mycorena partnered on a vegan sausage, called The Converter, and used the pea protein/mycoprotein combination for the first time in a recipe. The result was astonishing, and the limited edition product sold out in less than 24 hours. 


Building on that successful partnership, the two brands are now taking the next step with a full range of products in the frozen segment.


We see tremendous growth opportunities in the frozen segment, but we’re not just bringing frozen versions of our fresh products. Instead, we have partnered with Mycorena to create a totally unique range of products combining plant-based protein and Mycorenas very exciting mycoprotein ingredient Promyc, says Julia Granung, Head of Product Development at Peas of Heaven.


The combination of plant-based protein and the mycoprotein ingredient creates a juicy, meat-like texture that, together with Peas of Heaven's new and updated recipes, promises a delicious range of products. 


We have always believed in the potential of vegan hybrid products, and earlier this year, together with Peas of Heaven, we launched a highly popular and appreciated product, The Converter. The new nationwide launch of the frozen product segment now uses the peas and Promyc combination and stems from the success of the Converter. We are excited to continue working with Peas of Heaven for this successful hybrid approach, says Ebba Fröling, COO at Mycorena.


All products are available nationwide in Sweden, and more markets will follow shortly.



For inquiries: info@mycorena.com

Website: www.mycorena.com

Socials: @mycorena_ab

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