18 JUNE 2020

To ensure successful industrialization of our sustainable fermentation process, we are joining forces with Processus AB and their seasoned team of experts within process engineering, design and project management. By leveraging their long-standing experience from delivering large projects to the food industry, Mycorena will acquire all the resources needed to make Promyc go global.

With this expansion, Mycorena will become the very first company to join the envisioned Silicon Valley of Nordic #FoodTech in Falkenberg, Sweden. This is a step we feel incredibly excited about, and we couldn’t imagine a better launchpad for our international expansion! Not only is the city already famous for its strong culture around cuisine (did you know that the entire city has been prized by White Guide?), but is also the home to several established players within the food & beverages industries.

The team at Mycorena can’t wait to head out on this adventure! Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far, and rest assured that the best is yet to come!

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