11 JUNE 2021

February this year, Mycorena announced a collaboration project with ICA Växa, a flagship venture within the ICA group, to promote both the production and consumption of local Swedish vegan food products.

Today they together launched the first product, vegan mycoprotein nuggets – made in Sweden, tasteful and nutritious with high protein and fiber.

“We are very curious about the mycoprotein and happy to be able to explore the possibilities of it together with Mycorena. Now we finally have an exciting and tasty product to try! In five ICA- stores, our customers will be able to taste and share their opinion. We hope to gain new insights to further develop the protein” says Sofia Olsson, Head of Innovation and Concept Development at ICA Sweden.


Promyc, a unique mycoprotein made through natural fermentation, has a neutral taste and an appealing texture and consistency which makes it an ideal ingredient when developing new vegan products. Promyc is locally produced in Gothenburg and is a complete protein, making it both a healthy and sustainable food ingredient for vegan products.

We wanted to create a product where you could show all the advantages of Promyc as a sustainable product from Sweden with healthy nutrition, good texture, and no off-tastes. ICA’s support in gathering and monitoring the consumer trends within the vegan market has helped us tailor the products for the Swedish consumers both regarding flavor and texture” says Paulo Teixeira, Chief Innovation Officer at Mycorena.


Working with companies like ICA is always exciting. We are thrilled to see such high interest from everyone involved in the project. Our team at Mycorena has developed what I believe is a great product that doesn’t only taste good but that is also nutritious and meets all the criteria for the keyhole stamp (nyckehålsmärket) which we are very proud of. We are looking forward to the feedback from both the ICA store owners and the consumers who are already excited about testing our Promyc nuggets” says Ebba Fröling, Project Leader and Chief Operating Officer at Mycorena.

This week Mycorena is starting to distribute hundreds of packages of nuggets, and they will be available in selected ICA stores starting June 7th.

When and where?
From week 23: Maxi ICA Stormarknad Lindhagen, ICA Supermarket Hagsätra
From week 24: Maxi ICA Stormarknad Kungälv, ICA Kvantum Hovås, ICA Nära Brastad

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