25 OCTOBER 2021

At InnovateNordics, Mycorena and other top innovators in the food-and clean-tech industry were selected to pitch their business ideas in front of a jury representing SACCNY. The event aims to showcase Nordic innovation and promote businesses tackling today's most pressing global challenges. 

Sweden has been described as a leading unicorn factory, and SACCNY plays a crucial role in promoting transformative entrepreneurship from Sweden on the US market. As the winner of this award, Mycorena is recognised as a company with excellent potential for future growth and development in the US.  

The motivation from the jury:

"For the demonstration of innovation and forward-thinking, long term potential to significantly and positively impact the environment, and readiness for commercialization."

As the competition winner, Mycorena receives a US Office, free membership in the SACCNY organization, and an entry ticket to the American market. 

"We are thrilled to receive this award and excited about the potential that this entails in expanding our business idea even further outside of Sweden, thanks to SACCNY and Deloitte." - Ramkumar Nair, Founder and CEO at Mycorena. 


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