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The Protein Revolution through Circular Economy

We create alternative protein while recycling industrial waste. Our fungi-based process re-uses waste and water resources to create a 100% vegan and sustainable protein alternative.

Our circular economy concept

Food from Waste

Our technology transforms wastewater treatment into a process that creates real value! By using fungi, we create useful sustainable protein from undesired industrial wastewater and side streams. Our flagship product, AscoFeed, is a fungi-based, carbon-neutral protein source for animal feed formulations.

Lower wastewater treatment costs and a new source of revenue, a win-win thanks to fungi and circular economy.

Mycorena Fungi Biotechnology Process to convert waste to food

Biotechnology Solution

A Strategic Advantage


Reducing Water Usage and CO2 emissions

Our process cleans industrial wastewater, while making it a value-generating activity. Treated water can then be reused in the same system, reducing overall water usage by 20%.


Biobased and Biodegradable Products

Our products, derived from fungi biomass, are produced through a purely biological process. When disposed after use, they are easily and shortly biodegraded.


Technology from Edible Fungi

All our fungus are FDA-approved and classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). All our organisms are also non-GMO and not processes through toxic or harsh chemical processing.

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