Creating Green Protein
With No Plants

Fungi-based, next-generation vegan protein. A cooking experience superior to plants, using significantly less resources.

What we do

Sustainable Vegan Protein

Mycorena creates sustainable protein for food using a proprietary fungi-based process.
Our product, Promyc™, is a vegan protein ingredient with a neutral taste and a meat-like texture which has been gaining admiration among chefs and culinary experts. Promyc has a nutritious content of 60% protein and 12% fiber, while having significant lower environmental impact than animal or plant-based alternatives.

Mycorena Promyc Protein mycoprotein

How is it different?

Protein Gone Full-Circle

Using an innovative fungi-based process, we create mycoprotein using side-streams or by-products from the food industry. By using these resources, we avoid the loss of valuable food, and allow the creation of vegan protein instead.

We work with businesses and industries and enable them to create a novel and sustainable food product, while creating value from their own industrial food loss.


This week in


Cooking with Mycoprotein

Promyc4Cuisine is our latest campaign for promoting sustainable eating. We show the reality of how Promyc mycoprotein can be used for a variety of delicious vegan or vegetarian dishes.