Transforming the Protein Landscape

Fungi-based, next-generation vegan protein. A cooking experience superior to plants, using significantly less resources.

What we do

Promyc and Sustainability

Mycorena created the most innovative and sustainable vegan protein for food, using a proprietary fungi-based process.
Our product, Promyc, is a vegan protein ingredient with a neutral taste and a meat-like texture. Promyc has been impressing chefs and culinary enthusiasts and delivers a nutritious content of 60% protein and 12% fiber. All this while having significant lower environmental impact than animal or plant-based alternatives.

Let’s work together

Creating your next innovative product

We are happy to work with companies who want a competitive advantage and new solution. We produce Promyc, our own sustainable mycoprotein, so that your product can shine among others. As an ingredient, Promyc can be included in any vegan protein food product, ideally as a meat replacement or as a functional supplement.

How is it made?

Promyc is created through a resource-efficient fermentation process. This process offers fast, stable and scalable production that can be fully local.

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