Protein Revolution with Edible Fungi

We create sustainable, 100% vegan protein. All this with no animals, no plants and avoiding waste in the food industry!

Our circular economy concept

Create Protein. Avoid Food Waste.

Did you know that one third of the food produced worldwide either goes to waste or is lost during the production process? In a simple way, our technology transforms this wasted food into a fresh new protein source, putting it back into the food chain!

We use fungi that will happily eat the remains and leftovers (side-streams) from industrial food processes. While doing it, they will grow into a nutritious and protein-rich product! This is done through a fermentation process, which in its essence is just like making beer.

By using these fungi, we can reduce food waste, while supplying the world with an innovative and fully sustainable protein source.

Mycorena Fungi Process for creating Protein from Waste

Biotechnology Solution

Our Strategic Advantage


Less food waste, water use and CO2 emissions

Production of plant or animal foods is quite resource-intensive. In fact, 70% of the water used worldwide goes to agriculture! Our product is an upcycling of wasted resources. It uses water from industrial liquid side-streams and uses remains that would otherwise be thrown away.


A circular economy approach for lower costs

Traditionally, fermentation processes use sugar and starch from food crops like corn, or sugarcane. These feedstocks can be 65% of that process running costs. We use a low-value feedstock: side-streams and waste!


Edible fungi. Safe and controlled sources

All our fungi are FDA-approved and classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). All our organisms are also non-GMO. We also control all the side-streams and waste sources we use, making sure we deliver a food-safe product with no harmful substances.

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