Promyc® as an Industrial Ingredient

Promyc® is a vegan mycoprotein ingredient produced through a unique fermentation process. Our production allows us to be much more efficient than traditional farming in terms of time, cost and feedstock. The unique solution also enables decentralisation of the production process, making it possible to produce Promyc® locally anywhere in the world with significantly less environmental impact than most other proteins. 


Promyc® is, in fact, quite a boring ingredient – neutral in colour, taste, and smell. But boring doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. The unique properties of Promyc actually enable great possibilities for developing nutritious and tasty food products. No colour, taste, or smell - only great texture. The perfect boring ingredient.  

Excellent Nutritional Value

Besides being a complete protein, Promyc is packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals. 

  • Low-Fat

    Less than 3%

  • Source of Fibre

    More than 3%

  • Source of Protein

    All essential amino acids

  • Sugar-Free

    Less than 0.5%

What Can You Make with Promyc®?

Thanks to the unique properties of Promyc®, it is an incredibly versatile ingredient. It can be used in any kind of food application, on its own, or mixed with plant-based protein or meat. Promyc ensures a tasty and sustainable food experience. 


The Advantages of Working With Promyc®

Produce high-quality protein anytime, anywhere.

  • Scale Capacity

    24h production cycle

  • Local Production

    Complete production setup possible anywhere in the world.

  • Efficient

    Cost, resource, and time efficient production

  • Vegan

    Completely natural, vegan and gluten-free protein

  • Upcycling

    Unique technology enables maximum utilisation of resources 

  • Sustainable

    Significantly less land and water use compared to most other protein sources

Do you want to work with the future of food?

Are you a restaurant, food producer, or store owner interested in including Promyc® in your assortment?

Then you should join our journey towards a more sustainable, innovative and tasty future.

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