Meet our Team

Ram is the founder and CEO of Mycorena. He has a PhD in industrial biotechnology with expertise in filamentous fungi. Ram has 25 international research publications and conference papers, produced over 9 years of work in the field of microbial biotech. Ram leads the mission of growing Mycorena into a global innovation-driven brand for fungi products.

Ramkumar Nair, PhD

Founder & CEO

Silvia leads the development of our technology, processes and products. She completed her PhD in Molecular Biotechnology from BOKU in Vienna, Austria. Since then, she has been a senior researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, where her research was focused on biomass-degrading enzymes, protein production and fungal genomics.

Silvia Hüttner, PhD

Innovation and R&D

Ebba manages our business operations, developing new business opportunities and coordinating the team to reach the company’s goals. She is also a board member of the Female Network Association and has an academic background in Business Administration with a focus in International Business Relations and Corporate Sustainability.

Ebba Fröling

Business Operations

Anton is responsible for our finance and business strategy. Previously, he worked with consulting and executive recruiting for high-growth companies and management of IP-related activities in both startups and global large-cap firms. His knowledge ranges widely from finance and business analysis to strategy development and sales.

Anton Johansson

Finance & Business Strategy

Paulo has a PhD in Bioengineering from Chalmers University of Technology, with solid experience in the fields of genetic engineering and fermentation technology. He was previously also a co-founder of another biotech startup (Biopetrolia AB). After his PhD, Paulo has been focusing on marketing of innovative biotech brands and impactful products.

Paulo Teixeira, PhD

Branding & Communications

Frida is an ardent researcher who has previously worked on topics related to cleantech, sustainability and fungi-biotechnology at the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Agrifood and Bioscience) and Borås Energi och Miljö AB. At her MSc. at Chalmers University of Technology, she has focused on studying food, health and sustainability.

Frida Persson

Research Engineer

Lara has a Major in Resource Recovery and over 3 years of laboratory experience. During her master, she developed bio-based materials, focusing on its sustainability and environmental impact.

Lara Hastenreiter

Laboratory Assistant

Lars is the designer for our pilot-scale reactors. He has been working with bioreactor system design since 1967 in companies such as Biotec AB, Electrolux Fermentation and Chemoferm AB. He is the founder of Belach Bioteknik AB, a company specialized in industrial-scale bioreactor design. Lars designs and leads the design of our scale-up facilities.

Lars Mörtsell

Scale-up Systems Design

Lennart leads the construction part of our Pilot Plant in Bäckhammar. He has developed, manufactured and commissioned process solutions for companies such as Aker Kvaerner, Tetra Pak, Billerud and Dynasafe. He started his own company since 1984 and is the inventor of two main industrial concepts: CleanFlow and Re:Newcell.

Lennart Börjeson

Pilot Facility Development

Nathalie is our financials consultant. Nathalie studied Economy and Accounting at YRGO Göteborgs Stad Yrkeskola and has since then been working as an accounting consultant for RSM Sweden.

Nathalie Ahola



Board of Directors & Advisors

Tore Sveälv represents GU Ventures as investment manager and business developer. Tore has accumulated three decades' experience from leadership and management roles within aquaculture, food, and health. A few of these include being CEO of a food concept center and CEO of an aquaculture research organization.

Tore Svealv

Chairman of the Board (GU Ventures)

Christine has worked with international business development, logistics and communication for many years among large public international companies such as Electrolux, SAAB, Volvo and Almedahls and was the representative of Invest Sweden. She is in the board of EBAN where she has through an advisory board been supporting the start-up of NordicBAN.

Christine Bjärkby

Honorary Board Director (Lincs)

Sofia Hjelmberg is responsible for Investor Relations at GU Ventures. After establishing a career based on marketing and communications, she spent more than ten years working with consulting and advisory within business development, marketing and financing for a wide range of high-growth firms across all industries in western Sweden.

Sofia Hjelmberg

Investor Relations Advisor (GU Ventures)

Prof. Olsson is the Head of Division of Industrial Biotechnology at Chalmers University of Technology. She is also a distinguished member of the Wallenberg Wood Science Center and the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences. Prof. Olsson has over 30 years and more than 200 research publications in the field of yeast and fungi biotechnology.

Prof. Lisbeth Olsson

Scientific Advisor (Chalmers University of Technology)