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Announcing the latest brand in alternative protein. Superior texture, taste and environmental impact, Promyc™ brings the next generation of vegan food products!

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Mycoprotein meat alternative from sweden Mycorena

What is Promyc Protein Used For

Promyc is mycoprotein, a fungi-based protein ingredient for vegan food products. It can be used in several cases where a vegan protein source is required while not compromising flavor or texture. Promyc protein is known for its neutral taste, and fibrous texture, fitting most solutions where a meat-like replacement is needed such as burgers and patties, balls and nuggets. Since it has a particular neutral taste, its range of applications extend also to specialized protein products such as protein bars, shakes, puddings, etc.


Promyc™ Mycoprotein

If you’re interested in Promyc, you will want to try first Promyc™ Vega. Made from our custom optimized recipe, Vega follows the latest trends of the alternative protein industry, delivering a solution for your next vegan product. Nutrition, texture, quality and safety are our highest priority points!

Vegan Protein Source

  • Quality nutrition, fibrous texture

  • Neutral taste for diferent foods

  • Safe and natural product

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Your custom solution for resource efficiency

How is it different?

Promyc can be supplied as a regular product with all the characteristics and sustainability of a superior alternative to plant-based protein. However, its full potential unveils when it is produced from industrial food side-streams (meaning, food lost during food processing), transforming waste into value. We can use your side streams to make your own Promyc product and upcycle your output of unused resources!

Your Promyc, Your Industry

  • Promyc produced from your own unused resources

  • Create your own Promyc Product

  • Sustainable, efficient and scalable

Our innovation


Smart Protein: Sustainable and Healthy

Mycoprotein is simply “protein from fungi”. This alternative protein source is an ideal replacement to meat, other animal-based protein sources or protein from unsustainable plants. Promyc™ mycoprotein is our solution for making more food with better resource efficiency. We use food remains that are wasted by the food industry to create this novel protein source for food and feed. This way, we neutralize part of the CO2 and land that is over-used in food production. In the end, Promyc™ mycoprotein is the creation of a healthy protein source bringing that brings the best of sustainability to the food industry.


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