Fish Feed Protein is Unsustainable

The global aquaculture feed industry market amounts to a value of $160 billion, with an an 8% CAGR expected through 2025. Protein for aquaculture feed often originates from fishmeal (fish not suited for human consumption), or soybean meal.

Fishmeal relies on excessive fishing, which is an unsustainable process in the long run as natural-occurring fish is more scarce every day. For this matter, fishmeal has become extremely expensive to food producers.

Soybean meal is not a better option. Soy production requires extensive agriculture, which uses large areas or areable land (causing deforestation in parts of the world) and draining extensive volumes of fresh water.


Promyc Aqua

A premium ingredient for animal feed, focused towards fish feed for aquaculture. Promyc™ Aqua aims at replacing current unsustainable protein sources such as fishmeal or soymeal. Better performance meets lower environmental impact. For producers that want the advantage of a superior product without an excessive compromise in costs.

        No fishmeal, no soy

        Designed for healthy fish & seafood growth

        Produced in CO2 neutral process