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Mycorena AB is a startup company based in Gothenburg. We create fungi based protein sources for food companies. We use an innovative solution that upcycles industrial food waste into new protein products. We are now expanding our product development activities to a scale-up facility, while simultaneously strengthening our R&D and marketing activities.

About You

We are looking for a Process Engineer or Biotechnologist, who is interested in the scaling-up process of fermentation technology and can:

  • Thrive in a fast-paced start-up environment

  • Be autonomous and self-managing

  • Be a quick learner and not afraid to try things outside your comfort zone

What you will get from working with us

  • You will be part of a great team with people from both research and business background

  • You will get to know the hands-on fun and challenges of building a biotech start-up

  • You will see the growth and realization of a process technology that you might have practiced in the laboratory translated to an actual industrial setting

Required skills

You ideally should have the following qualifications

  • A background within Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Microbiology or equivalent.

  • Experience in Fermentation Technology and/or Process Engineering.

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