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Mycorena is a food biotechnology company from Gothenburg, Sweden. We have developed Promyc®, a revolutionary fungi-based food ingredient for application areas ranging from meat replacements to functional ingredients. To strengthen our capabilities relating to innovation and product development, we are currently hiring a Food Technologist to work in the borderlands between technology and business applications. As Mycorena’s Food Technologist / Product Developer, you are responsible for exploring both new and existing opportunities in creating competitive and innovative food products and play a key role in the product development cycle. Working closely with our R&D, Production and Marketing teams, you will be solving challenging problems with an engineering approach to a new food material. You will work texture, flavour, process, and all the different aspects involved in food product development from concept to potential production optimization.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Develop new formulations and products containing Promyc mycoprotein

  • Solve hands-on challenges at all stages of the product development cycle

  • Establish, implement and evaluate practical processes and procedures for development of Promyc® and its applications

  • Conduct research and analyses on multiple ingredients and additives and provide documentation on process and results

  • Provide direction and advice to the R&D, production and marketing teams based on insights from the product development process

Profile Requirements

  • BSc, M.Sc. or equivalent in Food Science, Food Engineering, Food Technology, Food Chemistry, or from similar fields

  • Experience or knowledge in modulating sensory and rheological properties of food products (texture, mouthfeel, flavor, stability)

  • Ability and interest to work in a fast-moving, agile environment, including managing several development projects simultaneously with short deadlines

  • A proactive approach, self-starter attitude and the ability to self-manage

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English (Swedish is a plus!)

  • • For citizens outside of EU it is required a valid work/residence permit or visa for working in Sweden

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