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Nominated to Venture Cup Startup 2019

Mycorena was nominated to the regional finals of Venture Cup Startup 2019. In this competition, we presented our most recent innovation in fungi-based solutions: Mimyc, a biocomposite with lightweight properties that is both bio-based and biodegradable.

Mycorena nominated for Venture Cup 2019 with Mymic

This month saw the development of Venture Cup Startup 2019, a competition that pitches startups all over Sweden showcasing their best and latest innovations to the nordic market. Mycorena was there, showing to the world the potential of our fungi-based technology for producing sustainable products. In the aftermath, Mycorena ended among the 10 companies nominated to the west region finals. Winners of the regional final will be announced on 21st of May and these companies will immediately qualify for the national final in September 2019.

At the spotlight of Mycorena’s presentation this year was Mimyc, our latest biocomposite innovation with untapped opportunities for exciting applications. Mimyc is a 100% biobased material formed from fungi biomass and recycled materials from agriculture waste. Using this formulation, we are able to create a material that not only can be molded into different shapes, it is also easily biodegradable once disposed. With this in mind, Mimyc is a great substitute to single-use plastics that are conventionally not degradable once used and thrown out.

Venture Cup is the right stage to show this material to the world: an energetic environment filed with innovative ideas. As opposed to an established solution like AscoFeed, Mimyc shows the versatility of our fungi towards applications still untamed, but certainly impactful.

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