19 JANUARY 2022

If we ask you what “water” means to you, what would be the first thing that comes up to your mind?

Life? Health? Hygiene? Or perhaps a chemical substance? A human right? A commodity?

Well, all the above are accurate. Water is vital for life. Water is a tasteless, odourless, and nearly colourless chemical substance.  Access to safe water and sanitation can quickly turn problems into potential. It is a right of every human being to have access to safe water for personal and domestic uses.  And yes, people are now trading and investing in water as a commodity.

There are also two other words that can be associated with water: Abundance and rarity. It is abundant because it covers 70% of our planet, which makes it easy to assume that there will always be plenty of water for us. However, not all of that is freshwater. In fact, according to WWL, only 3% of the world’s water is fresh. Surprised? There is more (or less, actually): two-thirds of that 3% is tucked away in glaciers or unavailable for use. Which leaves us with a mere 1% of available safe water that is being shared by the whole world.  So yes, water is also rare.