06 NOVEMBER 2019

It is hardly a surprise anymore that the food industry as a whole is facing monumental challenges. Increasing prevalence of global malnutrition, accelerating demand in energy and protein, huge resource losses in production and increasing sustainability requirements are but a few. To make the global food producer collective prepared for tackling these challenges, innovation on several fronts will be required. Not only is there a need for new technological solutions and novel products, but also for cross-border and interdisciplinary partnerships and collaborations. As pioneers within food development and the shift to a more sustainable food industry, Mycorena welcomes all new initiatives that facilitates progress in these areas. Now, we are especially glad to announce our participation in a new initiative of this kind.

Together for a sustainable food industry was the theme for the inaugural Nordic Food Industry fair that took place on November 5th at Svenska Mässan in our hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. During the day leading actors within the Swedish food industry gathered to exchange ideas and knowledge on the transition to a future-proof food value chain. Besides heavy focus on partnerships and sustainability, special attention was given to industry, technological innovations, production, and refining. Thought leaders from all areas of the food industry come together to promote knowledge diffusion and discussion, with high-profile participants such as ABBÅFLivsmedelsföreningenSweden Food ArenaLivsmedelelsföretagen, and Mycorena! We are honored to have been invited by RISE to share our perspectives on how innovative startups can contribute to strong growth and positive developments within the sector.

Innovation in Product & Process Development

The event captured much of the largest challenges related to future-proofing the food industry in Sweden and the Nordics, focusing on three main areas: Digitalization and automation, Smart packaging and filling and Product and process development. These three areas are as important as they are all-encompassing, and the implications will affect everyone, irrespective of what part of the value chain you inhabit. At Mycorena, we see initiatives such as Nordic Food Industry as crucial for creating a common language and understanding of how we, together, should tackle these challenges.

We were invited partially to exemplify an ongoing success story within the focus area of product and process development, but also to provide our unique perspectives on the role of entrepreneurship in facilitating system-wide change. We believe that we, together with the startup collective as a whole, play a crucial role in assuming risks of developing new technologies, creating new opportunities for partnerships, and pushing the frontiers of new practices, attitudes and initiatives.

Protein Challenge Nordic Workshop

Mycorena also participated in the Protein Challenge Nordic Workshop hosted by VTTLuke and RISE in conjunction with the Nordic Food Partnership. Food scientists, policy makers and industrial players from the food sector met to discuss current challenges and needs regarding future non-meat protein sources as well as potential business opportunities. The workshop provided a stimulating atmosphere and a great place for interaction and exchange of ideas between researchers and industry from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Among the challenges identified were the need for more data about nutritional functionality of plant-based proteins, clearer regulations between countries (especially regarding novel foods), and better education of consumers about food processing.

Anton Johansson
Business Developer at Mycorena

Silvia Hüttner
Head of Innovation and R&D at Mycorena

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