17 FEBRUARY 2021

“We are very curious about mycoprotein and are happy to explore the possibilities together with Mycorena. Through an increased collaboration in the value chain we will be able to develop, evaluate and learn faster together and through this, shorten the time to market a viable product”, says Sofia Olsson, Head of Innovation and Concept Development at ICA Sverige.

In a first step, the collaboration will test and build insights about the future of the mycoprotein (made into different product formats), within the Swedish market. In 2021, Mycorena will launch a test product in selected ICA-stores in order to evaluate the market potential and the possibility of taking the concept forward with a larger-scale launch. The mycoprotein, Promyc, has a neutral taste and an appealing texture and consistency. Promyc is locally produced in Gothenburg and is a complete protein, making it both a healthy and sustainable food option. The collaboration with ICA is one step towards becoming a global protein brand and launch new, co-branded products with food industry partners.

“We are very happy that ICA is supporting us on our journey to build a sustainable food company. We see ICA as an innovative player in the food and retail market, who are at the forefront of consumer trends. Through this collaboration, we will develop and test new products with Promyc as the main ingredient. ICA has a significant amount of market insight and we look forward to reaching more consumers together”, says Ebba Fröling, Project Leader and Chief Operating Officer at Mycorena.

About ICA and ICA Växa:

ICA’s Växa-initiative is an important part of ICA’s new climate ambition to reduce the climate footprint of their customers’ purchases by 2030. ICA is working towards better prerequisites for a sustainable food system by collaborating with parties from different parts of the value chain, strengthening Swedish innovations and collaborating to find new solutions to increase the amount of locally produced, sustainable food products for consumers.

About ICA Växa

Read the press-release from ICA here

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