19 AUGUST 2021

In pursuing commercializing Promyc, a unique fungi-based protein source for food manufacturing, innovative FoodTech company Mycorena has recruited industry veteran Therese Ranagården. Bringing years of experience from process & product development from some of the world’s most renowned brands, she joins Mycorena to implement the commercial-scale Promyc Production Plant (3P) in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Therese has 15 years of career background working at industry leaders such as Orkla and Campbell Soup, has built a deep knowledge of developing, manufacturing, and selling great food products. Most recently, she held the position of Cap Ex & Project Manager at beverage industry giant Carlsberg Group. In joining Mycorena, she makes a leap from one fermentation process to another, from brewing beer to brewing the future of dietary vegan protein. 

“I really enjoy working within the food industry but I also find it important to work for something that I believe in. Here I see Mycorena as a chance to work also for a bigger cause and a chance to be part of the solution. Mycoprotein is the way to enable more people to move into a more vegetarian diet and that in the future mycoprotein will be an equally natural protein source as meat is today.

For the Falkenberg site, this is a very exciting and diverse project where we will make the plant in Falkenberg enable Mycorena to grow but also to make Mycorena an important player for the Falkenberg region.” Says Therese.

With a role as 3P Project Manager, Therese will mainly focus on constructing Mycorena’s large-scale production plant, ensuring the company meets its goals of outputting several thousand tons of delicious fungi protein each year.

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