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Mycorena wins Livsmedelsdagarna 2019 Best Pitching Award

Mycorena attended Livsmedeldagarna in September 2019 and won an award for "best pitching company". The award prize includes membership into Livsmedelsföreningen's network and wider contact with potential food industry partners.

Livsmedelsdagarna Mycorena

Following the Food Venture Sweden event in May 2019, Mycorena and four other startups were selected by Livsmedelsföreningen as high potential Swedish startups in the food industry. As part of this consideration was an invitation to the event Livsmedeldagarna, Lisvmedelsdagarna, held by
Livsmedelsföreningen and Livsmedel i Focus on September 2019 in Halmstad, Sweden. The event counted with more than 300 international food industry representatives and had a major goal of enabling selected startups to give their best pitches about their concept. 

Mycorena Ebba Fröling at Livsmedelsdagarna

Livsmedelsföreningen’s events focus on how the current obstacles and challenges in the food industry can be dissolved by applying sustainability, innovation, and research into food companies’ products and processes. Mycorena fills these goals by bringing a sustainable biotechnology-based process and a vegan and nutritious fungi-based protein. More than that, the technology has a large impact on both human food and animal feed production. Altogether, Mycorena’s innovation and recent work brought an award for best pitching company at the event “Livsmedelsdagarna”.

The award comes with a membership prize that provides Mycorena with firstly, a direct association with “Livsmedelsföreningen” and its members and secondly, a wider contact and networking through international food industry players.

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