From lab to industry

Promyc Production Process

A production unit enables the conversion of industrial organic waste (e.g. food processing side streams) into Promyc™ mycoprotein. A pilot-scale unit with a bioreactor of of 10m3 working volume can create up to 500 kg of fungal biomass per week.

The waste or side-stream can be immediately directed to the production unit, processed into fungal biomass, and processed to its final form of Promyc™ mycoprotein.  Up to 95% of the organic residues (depending on the type of residues) can be consumed during the process.

Mycorena pilot production plant 3D render

Step-by-Step Process Flow

How does a production unit work?

Step 1

Substrate & Fungi Preparation

Step 2


Step 3

Downstream Processing

Step 4

Product Formulation


Substrate & Fungi Preparation

Waste and sidestreams are mixed and prepared for fermentation. Preparation of the fermentation reaction depends largely on the type of substrate used. Both solid and liquid waste and side-streams can be used in the process with different preparation.

A fungi starter is also prepared and “pre-grown”, so that the fermentation process happens in the most efficient way.


Fermentation & Biomass Production

The pre-grown fungi are mixed with the prepared substrate mix (containing the waste residues or side-streams). During the next 48h, a controlled environment will allow our fungi to consume up to 95% of the organic residues in this medium. The fungi will grow into a mycelium structure as the protein-rich biomass forms.

The bioreactor characteristics will depend on the processing volume. In our pilot demonstration plant in Bäckhammar, a reactor of 10m3 (10 000L) can process its volume in liquid side streams or up to 200 kg of dry solid food waste in a single batch.

Step 3

Downstream Processing

After the fermentation reaction, the fungal biomass is separated from the liquid medium. In terms of composition, this medium will be a side-stream water used during preparation, from which the organic residues have now been mostly removed.

The biomass also needs to be prepared as the final product. According to the final application, nominately if the target is the production of Promyc™ Aqua or Vega, the processing acquires a different shape. Desired characteristics such as nutrient composition, texture, water content or other customized solutions can be modulated at this step as required for the final product.


Product Formulation

After biomass is processed into the desired form, the product is ready for incorporation into the desired final product. This step will largely dependent on the customer applications and realm of expertise.

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