tailor-made bio based resin for water treatment

Water is the most important aspect of LIFE! Heavy metals are the most serious water pollutants that hinder the usage of water in various applications. Unlike organic compounds, heavy metals are not decomposable through chemical and biological processes in nature and they are highly toxic. Commercially there are many methods for removing heavy metals from aqueous environments. Using absorbent resins is one of the very efficient methods attributing to its high capacity/efficiency/speed and selectivity. Commercial materials that can be used as resins for the purification of aqueous solutions are mostly synthetic materials; despite the excellent performance, many of them are costly and not eco-friendly. At Mycorena we have developed a totally new form of bio-resin, with its origin from fungal biomass. We call it- MycoLite

MycoLiteTM  is a bio-resin material developed using edible forms of filamentous fungi. The major attraction of this product is attributed to two main aspects

  • The fungal biomass used for the process is developed from industrial waste materials (organic waste e.g. food processing)
  • The resin- as it’s produced from edible sources of filamentous fungi, pose no threat to the aspects of bio-contamination; which is often a challenge while using microorganisms for bio-remediation process (environmental cleaning)

We believe MycoLiteTM could be a break-through product in water cleaning / bioremediation processes both at the smaller and at larger industrial scale applications. For more details: