Tailor-made bio based resin for water treatment

Water is the most important aspect of all life. However, clean water is a scarce resource for many, with 2 billion people lacking clean drinking water at home. Simultaneously, industries struggle to efficiently handle wastewater, incurring large costs in the process. Used water is one of the most under-exploited resources on the planet, creating massive opportunities for improvement. Using materials such as biosorbents are one of the highly efficient methods for water treatment, attributing to its high efficiency, speed and selectivity. However commercial materials that can be used as resins for the purification of aqueous solutions are mostly synthetic materials. Despite the excellent performance, many of them are costly and not environmentally sustainable products. We at Mycorena have developed MycoLite, a bio-based water purifying biosorbent for water treatment, that effectively cleans water from toxins such as heavy metals and other organic pollutants. MycoLite, now undergoing the prototype product testing is the best example to show the potential of Mycorena’s fungi process technology has the power to address several challenges simultaneously by transforming low value value waste-water to high value products.

Created in a carbon-negative process using low-value industrial byproducts and waste-water
Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly to produce, compared to the current commercial alternatives
Poses no threats of contamination or intoxication while used in the treatment process
Fungi based bio-material use enables easy up-scaling and large scale industrial applications