What Can I do with Promyc®?

Our chefs have developed a wide range of dishes using Promyc®. Here are some of our favorites.

Promyc® Tôna Flakes

  • Poke Bowl

    Promyc® Tôna poke bowl with black rice, mango, soybeans, red cabbage, cucumber and a spicy sesame vinaigrette

  • Pizza

    Promyc® Tôna pizza, with roasted peppers, red onion and fresh chili topping

  • Salad

    Promyc® Tôna west coast salad with seaweed caviar on crispbread

Promyc® Crispy Burger

  • Burger

    Promyc® Crispy Burger with spicy vegan coleslaw, pickled red onion, smoky aioli and potato wedges

  • bao

    Crispy burger bao with pickled red onion and jalapeño spicy mayo

Promyc® Vego Balls

  • Vego Balls

    Classsic Swedish Promyc® Vego Balls in a vegan cream sauce

  • pasta & tomato sauce

    Italian style pasta with Promyc® Vego Balls in tomato sauce with fresh herbs and parmesan

  • pasta & pesto

    Fresh Veggi pasta with Promyc® Vego Balls, pesto and tomato sauce

Promyc® Nuggets

Promyc® Schnitzel

Promyc® Schnitzel

  • Nugget wrap

    Promyc® Nuggets wrap with guacamole, pico de gallo, fresh pickled red onion and jalapeño

  • Schnitzel katsu

    Promyc® Schnitzel katsu with red curry, rice and Asian coleslaw


Do you want to work with the future of food?

Are you a restaurant, food producer, or store owner interested in including Promyc® in your assortment?

Then you should join our journey towards a more sustainable, innovative and tasty future.

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