Lightweight and Sustainable Biocomposite

Derived from our unique fungi-based process, mimyc is a bio-based material based on natural chemistry.

Sustainably Disposable

A Bio-based and Biodegradable Alternative

None of us needs to be reminded of the unsustainable use of disposable plastic worldwide. Most current packaging solutions are disposable and non-biodegradable, resisting hundreds of years in the environment. For situations where sustainable single-use solutions are required , we offer Mimyc, an innovative bio-based material produced from 100% recycled organic resources from wastewater.

Created from our unique fungi-based process, mymic is formulated from different biological components of fungal biomass and organic waste. This mixture creates a biocomposite with properties that can be explored in different directions. Mimyc offers function without sacrificing enviromental impact.

Mimyc from Mycorena is a biocomposite. Sustainable and biodegradable for singe use applications