Fungi-based, High-Protein Feed

A cost-competitive replacement for unsustainable protein sources. AscoFeed is the ideal solution for applications in animal feed formulations.

The Problem

The challenge of global food demand

As the global human population grows, food demands are matched by an increasing growth of the food production industries worldwide. Global demand for food is expected to increase by at least 60% by 2050, creating immense challenges for the entire food and agriculture industries. Additionally, a large portion of food production industries presents serious sustainability issues, such as high CO2 emissions, resource under-utilization and poor impact on surrounding ecosystems.

Aquaculture: where is it going?

Among different food industries, aquaculture has seen one of the steepest increases in the last decades, quickly overtaking the majority of fish production worldwide.

The largest carbon emission contributor of aquaculture is in the production of the fish feed. The main component of this feed is necessarily a protein-rich one, usually fishmeal – processed fish that is not used for human consumption. Recently, fishmeal has been replaced by soybeans in some parts of the world.

Both fishmeal and soybeans are unsustainable solutions, with limited capabilities in scaling up and negative environmental impact.

Mycorena supplies AscoFeed, an edible protein source as a fish feed compoenent aimed at replacing fishmeal or soybean meal
AscoFeed by Mycorena, the best fish feed replacement for fishmeal and soybean

Our Solution


AscoFeed is a competitive solution to the sustainable growth of food production. Rich in protein, vegan, and produced by a sustainable and purely biological process, AscoFeed is a sustainable and cost-effective replacement to protein from fishmeal and soybean in aquaculture feed formulations.

Fungi-based animal feed through circular economy

At Mycorena, AscoFeed is produced through a fungi-based bioprocess from industrial wastewater. This means that we reuse waste from industry as an input for growing fungi biomass, which we then process into the final product. The by-product of this process is clean water that can then be re-introduced in the original industry.

This circular resource utilization only increases the beneficial effects of the final product, allowing for decreased water usage and lower carbon utilization.

Why choose AscoFeed?

Real benefits, not science fiction


Sustainable Input Source

Industrial waste is converted to feed-ingredient through a carbon-negative process.

Cost-effective and Scalable Production

Production process is cost-competitive and independent of environmental conditions

Real Circular Economy

Our fungi transform wastewater into high quality protein, cleaning water for reuse in industry

Balanced Content

Rich in protein and essential aminoacids, balanced content of lipids and vitamins.