Promyc Balls and the First Promyc4Cuisine Event

Last week, the first-ever Promyc4Cuisine live event was held at Mycorena's facility. In this event, we have brought to the spotlight our unique vegan "meat"balls made with Promyc mycoprotein.

Promyc Mycorena sweden mycoprotein event

The event featured a full visit to Mycorena’s small production facility, where Promyc was produced in the local bioreactors, followed up by a cooking session and dinner featuring Promyc balls served in a traditional Swedish way! See the full news about the event here!

Interest more about Promyc Balls? We have started the idea long ago with our previous “Promyc FungiBalls” post. However, the recipe at the time was mostly ovo-lacto vegetarian. In this new take for the event, we created completely Vegan and Gluten-free Promyc balls in a particular formulation that counteracted Promyc’s chewy-fibrous character, confirmed by feedback from the audience.

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