Fungal Cleantech Processes

FILAMENTOUS FUNGI are microorganisms that represent an incredibly rich and rather overlooked reservoir of several natural products with potent bioactivity and it finds applications in various industrial sectors. This group of microbes are often superior to bacteria and yeast in terms of the metabolic versatility and robustness for industrial production systems. Large-scale manufacturing processes have been developed for the production of organic acids, proteins, enzymes and small molecule drugs including antibiotics, statins and steroids using filamentous fungi.

The fungal biotechnology thus plays a central role for many industries including food and feed, pharma, paper and pulp, detergent, textile and bio-fuel. We at Mycorena, focus on a totally different aspect of using this versatile group of fungi. Filamentous fungi can grow on a wide variety of substrates irrespective of the origin of the material, resulting in a great deal of valuable industrial products. These fungal properties are central to our focus, which is to generate high value added products from large- and small scale industrial waste materials.

Mycorena is the one of the first few technology companies in the world to use FILAMENTOUS FUNGI especially the edible forms FOR INDUSTRIAL WASTE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS


with the background of pioneering research and development, we create the most innovative edible-filamentous-fungi based clean technology process

Global Experts

with the global experts in filamentous fungal research on board, we strive to be the best in this business


with extensive small and large scale industrial collaborations, we find the right application for our process


with the process of generating high value products from industrial waste, we aim to achieve a bang-up job on the global motto: waste-to-wealth