Where can I find Promyc?

The answer is, in many places and in many applications!

Businesses that collaborate with us range from food companies and retailers to hotels and restaurants. Giving you the opportunity to enjoy Promyc through a diverse selection of food products.





The collaboration started as an initiative within ICA and branch ICA Växa, aimed at promoting the consumption and production of Swedish plant-based food with the purpose to test and build insights about the future of the mycoprotein within the Swedish market. Article number: 7350119360032

  • Ica Söder Malmö
  • Södra Förstadsgatan 83, Malmö
  • Ica Kvantum Falkenberg
  • Sandgatan 34, Falkenberg
  • Ica Supermarket Hagsätra
  • Hagsätra torg 28, Bandhagen
  • Ica Kvantum Hovås
  • Hovås Allé 10, Hovås

Peas of Heaven

Together with Peas of Heaven, a swedish vegan food brand, we developed a vegan sausage. During this collaboration, we used Promyc to create a first time ever combination of pea- and mycoprotein, which added a whole new texture profile to vegan sausage options.

More information coming soon.


Astrid och aporna

Together with Astrid & Aporna, one of Sweden’s oldest vegan brands, we launched Svenska Göttbullar made from Promyc – which also made it possible for Astrid & Aporna to make their first product entirely in Sweden with Swedish ingredients.

More information coming soon.



Mycorena has initiated a partnership with Lantmännen Cerealia, an agricultural cooperative owned by 19,000 farmers, to develop a portfolio of food products based on sustainably produced mycoprotein.

After having jointly developed a few very strong prototypes, the next step in this strategic innovation collaboration is aimed at finding new product offerings for consumers in the Nordics.

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Serving the future of food

These restaurants have made delicious meals using our Promyc:

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Stigbergsliden 3
Ånäsvägen 20
Kungsmässan, Borgmästaregatan 5

Couldn’t find your favourite restaurant? Where would you like to see Promyc?


Do you want to work with the future of food?

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Then you should join our journey towards a more sustainable, innovative and tasty future.

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