Resources and Further Reading


Short Presentation

A short summary presentation of our purpose and why we exist in the market for alternative proteins. We showcase our vegan protein, Promyc, our technology and the team that is making it happen.

Promyc Technical Data Sheet

The Technical Data Sheet for our mycoprotein product, Promyc. Included is a nutrition and protein comparison with other protein sources such as pea and chicken.

Promyc Health and Nutrition

Detailed nutritional information on Promyc and a comparison to other protein sources. Here, we also describe the potential effects of mycoprotein in health and touch upon its safety for the consumer.

Promyc Impact Report

A report on the sustainability of Promyc protein in comparison to other sources. Greenhouse gas, water and land use is explained and analysed in relation to our product.

Certificates and Legislation Report

Summary of our path towards commercial sales in terms of certificates and legislation. The aim is to give a brief overview of the necessary steps forward, as well as current and already completed steps.

Whitepaper: IP Landscape of Filamentous Fungi

An extensive paper about recent advancements in the intellectual property landscape of filamentous fungi. This study was conducted in-house by the Mycorena team.


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