Our Name says it all..!

Mycorena is a spin-off company from the Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery- Sweden, with our operations spanning across the globe. Our objectives can be summarized in one sentence: we strive to develop and perfect environmentally friendly solutions to industrial waste management problems.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals and aspiring scientists who seek to change the world for the better. With innovative ideas and modern technology, we work hard to ensure the highest quality of our process and products and we aim to maintain a stable relationship with our industry clients, who are of the utmost importance.


Our vision is to help transform industries around the globe into clean, eco-friendly facilities with zero waste.  We wish to achieve this by designing new and innovative, fungi-based processes that make use of the potential of natural microorganisms.



Our Team

Ramkumar Nair, PhD
CEO & Fungal Biotechnologist
Rebecca Gmoser (PhD)
Fungi Research Engineer
Mariana Bertini, PhD
Business Developer
Prof. Gilbert Svensson
Technology Advisor
Fredrik Gellerstedt, Tech. Lic.
Strategic Business Advisor
Erik Svalander
Financial Advisor