Chef Oscar Lexö Hands-on with Promyc Mycoprotein

During World Food Day 2019, Mycorena launched #Promyc4Cuisine. This initiative aims at showcasing how Promyc can be brought into delicious food dishes worldwide. As the first step, we partnered with Restaurang Koks, where Chef Oscar Lexö delivered two Swedish-inspired Promyc dishes.

Mycorena startup Koks Restaurant Göteborg Promyc dish Swedish Cuisine

Contact with Chef Oscar Lexö from Koks Restaurant in Göteborg resulted in an exciting collaboration. The seasoned Chef was eager to try a hands-on approach into bringing Promyc to the plate and experiment with the applications it could have for different forms of tasteful dishes.

“It’s a really exciting product, Promyc has quite a neutral taste so it’s very easy to bring it into so many different dishes” – Oscar explained to us as we talked further about what other foods could be made.

Promyc mycoprotein dish with Swedish style


The initiative #Promyc4Cuisine is a campaign started by Mycorena during World Food Day 2019. The goal is to bring Promyc mycoprotein into the hands of different chefs so that we can unlock the culinary potential of this innovative and sustainable protein form. Stay tuned for more to come as we push forward on this initiative!

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