‘Circular-Economy’ with Filamentous Fungi

In order to create ‘circular-economy’ in a sustainable model, what was once considered as waste has to become a resource. Thus, the goal is to minimize waste and excessive resource utilization, by turning goods at the end of their lifespan along with waste generated during manufacturing, into resources for the manufacturing of other products. This […]

  Sustainable Feed Alternatives from ‘Green’ Resource

World compound feed production is fast approaching an estimated 1 billion tons annually (USA and China are the largest producers), with around 300 million tons of feed being produced directly by farm mixing. Global commercial feed manufacturing generates an estimated annual turnover of over US $400 billion. A significant well-functioning market is already there and […]

  Sugarcane – sugar, ethanol, and what else?

If you know any Brazilian, you probably might have heard about our “jeitinho”, i.e. our unique way of developing innovative solutions. Though “jeitinho” usually carries a negative connotation, I believe most of the Brazilian innovation may be linked to our creativity and power to solve issues with our own resources. Back in the 1970’s, when […]

  Spent wash- creating an avenue towards waste-to-wealth

Biorefinery concept with a complete utilization of waste residues such as sugarcane bagasse and vinasse (or spent wash) has become a prime component for a sustainable sugar- to- ethanol industry.  During the process of ethanol distillation from the fermented molasses, a large amount of spent wash or vinasse is being produced. In a medium sized […]