Bringing Promyc to the Fans

If you haven't noticed yet, last month Mycorena released its campaign to bring Promyc to a few lucky fans. The campaign is part of the #Promyc4Cuisine initiative wants to show the potential of mycoprotein by putting it in the hands of people everywhere.

Promyc campaign by Mycorena to promote healthy mycoprotein

The Promyc4Cuisine initiative has been shaking things up in different fronts. We started the initiative by involving different professionals in the food sector, who have confirmed the use of Promyc in different situations. The goal has been to gather feedback we can use to develop our own product better, while simultaneously creating awareness for its potential. For this reason, professional hands have provided the most meaningful feedback we could have given the limited amounts we could provide.

Through this time, however, we have been engaged by different individuals who have expressed interest in trying Promyc in their hands, bringing it home to their kitchen. Since we have been expanding in terms of production capacity, that also leaves room for engaging more parties into this process. So, why not reach more of you who love and want to try cooking with mycoprotein?

That’s why we released last month to all of you the chance to try Promyc in your own kitchen! It’s as easy as it could be: head to this page and fill in your details. If you’re one of the lucky ones, we’ll send you your own exclusive Promyc sample package. We plan to announce winners during the first months of 2020 and start rolling samples out soon after, so don’t wait to apply!

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