Patenting of microorganisms: Systems and concerns

A patent is a bunch of exclusive rights granted by the state to an inventor or his assignee on satisfying certain conditions. The inventor is given a monopoly right over the product for a fixed number of years in exchange for the public disclosure of certain details of a machine, method or the composition of […]

  Valorization of sugar-to-ethanol process waste vinasse: A novel biorefinery approach using edible ascomycetes filamentous fungi

Authors: Ramkumar Nair and Mohammad Taherzadeh Abstract The aim of the present work was to study the integration of edible ascomycetes filamentous fungi into the existing sugar- or molasses-to-ethanol processes, to grow on vinasse or stillage and produce ethanol and protein-rich fungal biomass. Two fungal strains, Neurospora intermedia and Aspergillus oryzae were examined in shake […]

  Spent wash- creating an avenue towards waste-to-wealth

Biorefinery concept with a complete utilization of waste residues such as sugarcane bagasse and vinasse (or spent wash) has become a prime component for a sustainable sugar- to- ethanol industry.  During the process of ethanol distillation from the fermented molasses, a large amount of spent wash or vinasse is being produced. In a medium sized […]