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  Winners at the EU-China CleanConnect 2018

Mycorena was awarded second prize in the EU-China CleanConnect 2018- an event aimed at promoting partnerships and investments for cleantech companies from EU with the help of its Chinese counterparts. The event was organised by Umore Consulting Group based in Nanjing  and Greentech Challenge based in Denmark. For more details:

  ‘Circular-Economy’ with Filamentous Fungi

In order to create ‘circular-economy’ in a sustainable model, what was once considered as waste has to become a resource. Thus, the goal is to minimize waste and excessive resource utilization, by turning goods at the end of their lifespan along with waste generated during manufacturing, into resources for the manufacturing of other products. This […]

  In the Final round of EU-China Cleantech competition 2018

Mycorena AB got selected as one of the five winners at the EU-China Cleantech competition held in Copenhagen.  The event was organised by Umore consulting and Greentech Challenge, together with the support from EU and the Government of China. The program includes delegation to the 5th International Cleantech Transfer and Investment Conference taking place in Shanghai and Nanjing […]

  Member of Inclusive Business Sweden Network

Mycorena AB is now member of the  Inclusive Business Sweden Network.  IBS is the Swedish representative of the BoP Global Network,  and part of the UNEP initiative 10YFP – established to bring together global experts to share knowledge and disseminate information at the BoP.  

  Mycelial pellet formation by edible ascomycete filamentous fungi, Neurospora intermedia

  Pellet formation of filamentous fungi in submerged culture is an imperative topic of fermentation research. In this study, we report for the first time the growth of filamentous ascomycete fungus, Neurospora intermedia in its mycelial pellet form. In submerged culture, the growth morphology of the fungus was successfully manipulated into growing as pellets by […]