Fungi based high protein feed component

The global feed production has seen an impressive increase over the last couple of years. From 2001-2016 there was an increase of 161 million tons produced and the total annual production for 2017 was projected to finally reach the 1 billion mark. Around 300 million tons of feed being produced directly by farm mixing. Global commercial feed manufacturing generates an estimated annual turnover of over US $400 billion. The World is hence in great demand for new feed resources and in particular, the alternatives to fishmeal and soy-products. The demand for natural feed ingredients is increasing day by day due to the demand from customers for ‘clean labeling’ and environmentally friendly products. Feed production is generally a resource-intensive process. But at Mycorena, we found a natural solution for this; our fungal biomass is good for feed and great for the planet. From one of the Nature’s most abundant resources − We create feed alternatives with the power of ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLE processes.

Our fungi are microorganisms that are able to turn the inedible into nutritive products. They are able to grow on various agricultural and industrial low-value byproducts and produce biomass in a carbon-negative process that can be used in feed applications. Our fungal biomass provide a readily available alternative source of naturally derived feed. In contrast to other sources, they have enormous advantages including rapid growth, easy processing, and independence of weather conditions. Apart from being a good source of high quality proteins and fatty acids, fungal biomass contain compounds that possess many biological properties such as antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. The biomass contains high amount of protein and fat rich mycelia with an amino acid enrichment of several essential amino acids like valine, leucine, threonine, isoleucine and arginine; making the fungal biomass a high value alternative feed component.

Through years of research, we at Mycorena AB have come up with an innovate process to create sustainable and fully bio-based protein feed component. Using low-value industrial products as a raw material, and with the help of edible filamentous fungi, we produce protein-rich aquatic and animal feed component. This new innovative process, branded as ASCOFEED™ has been tested in the laboratory and has given excellent results, followed by a Global Patent (approval pending).

  With greater penetrating power into insoluble substrates, filamentous fungi can be grown on a wide variety of materials
  The biomass is rich in carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, vitamins and proteins and can be used as feed without any further processing
  Protein content as high as up-to 50 per cent with comparatively less nucleic acids than single celled organisms
  Overall cost of protein production from filamentous fungi is more economical compared to that of single celled organisms

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