Announcing Mycorena Pilot Plant in Bäckhammar

During 2019, Mycorena will launch its own industrial pilot plant in Bäckhammar, Sweden. The facility will be used to validate large scale conversion of industrial wastewater into fungi biomass for production of valuable products.

Mycorena at Backhammar in front of RISE

In april, we went to Bäckhammar to officialize the implementation of Mycorena’s own pilot production plant. This week, we have met with the different partners involved and made important advancements towards kickstarting operations.

The Mycorena Pilot Plant will feature different bioreactor capacities which will go up to 5000L scale in production tank volume. The facility will be used not only as a testbed for upscaling our fungal biomass production processes, but also as an initial manufacturing unit for product samples to interested partners.

The project will be made possible together with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Paper Province and will be among the revolutionary LignoCity project initiative. The integration in LignoCity will be fundamental for the development of Mycorena in the region. This is supported by the presence of key industry players such as Nordic Paper as part of the initiative, which will be crucial towards expanding our fungi process to real case applications in the paper-and-pulp industry.

Mycorena will integrate LignoCity

LignoCity, a new center in Bäckhammar for sustainable technologies

LignoCity is a newly established collaboration initiated by Innventia,Nordic Paper and Paper Province with main financial support from VINNOVA. The project has the goal of exploring innovative applications of lignin and cellulosic biomass such as lightweight bio-based. This aspect brings special prospects to the technological development of our own biocomposite, Mimyc, which integrates some of these natural byproducts in its formulation.

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