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Who We Are

At Mycorena, we create products that will have a major impact in the global sustainability challenges. We developed a proprietary process based on fungi biotechnology, to create vegan protein for food products in the most resource-efficient and sustainable way. We aim for this to be the first of many innovations that can contribute to a better world, while doing what we do best.

We are located in Göteborg, Sweden, and have been operating our business since 2018. In 2019, we have scaled from the lab to our first pre-industrial pilot facility and established partnerships with several global companies as testing and paying customers. In our team we are now more than 15 employees, and constantly growing!

Changing the Future, Today

Where are we heading?

We envision being the world’s leading brand for fungi-based products made possible through biotechnology. The food sector is where we found real challenges we could solve, so in that sense, we have built a vision around a world where we have enabled more climate-friendly and environmentally sustainable eating habits.

Our team of professional engineers and business people are on a mission to create a sustainable and healthy protein alternative to current protein products.

Mycorena, the Journey


Research and Development Begins

Our technology starts with Ramkumar Nair’s PhD project. Projects ongoing here lead to a customization of the process and exploration of the concept of creating fungi-based protein from low-value resources.
mycorena fungi lab

Mycorena AB is Founded

An idea becomes a living organism. Mycorena is born after the market potential of the idea has been verified. In the beginning of 2018, Mycorena gets full-speed into its road to the market.
Q4 2017

Launch of First Protein Product

The first protein product is released with applications in creating fish feed for aquaculture. The product later lead to “Promyc Aqua”.
Q2 2018

First Investment from GU Ventures

Seed investment from GU Ventures allowed us to grow and expand our team and activities.
mycorena fungi fermentation
Q4 2018

Start of Trials for Industrial Process

Collaborations with external partners allow for testing the fungi protein production process in large scale.
Q1 2019

Own Lab at Sahlgrenska Science Park

We formed our own lab unit at Sahlgrenska Science Park and integrated the GUV Incubator Program. Lab scale production enables initial tests with product users and further development of process is made.
mycorena promyc protein logo
Q2 2019

Promyc Release and Food Companies Start Testing

Promyc is released as a protein ingredient for food. Different companies express interesting in testing it for creating their own food products, becoming our prospective customers of today.
Mycorena mycoprotein fungi swedish food
Q4 2019

Promyc Tested by Chefs Worldwide

Promyc makes its way into dishes cooked by selected Chefs eager to try this new ingredient. Promyc is regarded as a suitable ingredient for food products in terms of taste and texture.
Q1 2020

Expansion to Pilot Facility

By end of 2019, Mycorena has expanded into a larger facility with capacity of up to hundreds-of-liters bioreactor volumes. This enables shipping of product development samples for several industrial partners.
2021 (exp.)

Construction of Own Demo Plant in Sweden

Our demo plant are already on the move and we expect this to be finalized by 2021. The facility will host a production capacity of up to 55 tons of Promyc per year. To be shipped and sold to companies for industrial-stage developments.
2022 (exp.)

First Commercial Scale Production

We are expecting to be fully operating in the market by 2022. This is expected to occur in association with large food companies that will own the first Promyc product in the market.

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