Innovating Circular Economy

Who are we?

At Mycorena, we are creating a brand for fungi-based products produced through circular economy. We create value from waste using fungi biotechnology, which in practice means we transform industrial waste streams into value-added bio-based products.

Our mission is to drive industries across the globe towards sustainable circular economies. By creating a range of valuable products from low-value waste streams, we create an economic driving force that makes this possible. An industrial circular economy is not only what makes our products better, it’s also what makes them possible.

Mycorena AB was founded in 2017 as a spin-off company from the Swedish Centre for Research Recovery. The technology, based on using edible filamentous fungi, allows for a completely bio-based method of turning various industrial waste streams into customizable high-value products. The strategy “wealth from waste” is the main engine that can transform industries across the globe into true circular economies.

Mycorena, leading cleantech brand for fungi based products through circular economy
Mycorena, creating circular economy to become the leading cleantech brand for fungi based products

Changing the Future, Today

Where are we heading?

Today, Mycorena is a fast-growing and expanding company. We envision being the world’s leading brand for fungi-based products made possible through cleantech and circular economy. To pursue that vision, we gear our activities towards application of our processes and products not only in scandinavia but around the world.

Using circular economy in industry means reusing many of the resources that are usually disposed as waste in traditional, “linear” industries. The classic linear economy model leads to issues of resource under-utilization, rising waste management costs, and unnecessary environmental stress. By adopting a circular economy approach, however, industrial processes feed into themselves in order to become regenerating rather than self-depreciating.

Mycorena, the Journey


Research and development begins

Q3 2017

Mycorena AB is founded

Q4 2017

First international industrial partnership

Q2 2018

Investment from GU Ventures

Q3 2019 (exp.)

Pilot scale production with industry partner in India

Q4 2019 (exp.)

Construction of wholly owned pilot plant in Sweden


Meet our Team

Ramkumar Nair, PhD
Founder & CEO
Tore Svealv
Board Chairman (GU Ventures)
Gilbert Svensson
Technical Director & Board Member
Silvia Hüttner, PhD
Head of Innovation and R&D
Paulo Teixeira, PhD
Communications Manager
Anton Johansson
Business Developer
Ebba Fröling
Business Operations Manager
Ida Lindström
Junior Business Developer
Anya Wang
Business Operations (China)