Production of Edible Fungi from Potato Protein Liquor (PPL) in Airlift Bioreactor

Potato protein liquor (PPL), a side stream from the potato starch industry, is normally used as fertilizer. However, with more than 100 g/L of sugars, 20 g/L of Kjeldahl nitrogen and Chemical Oxigen Demand (COD) of 300 g/L, it represents serious environmental challenges. The use of PPL for fungal cultivation is a promising solution to […]

  Filamentous Fungi Based Industrial Waste Management : A Brazilian Outlook

The fungal community is very diverse and comprises yeasts, mushrooms, and filamentous fungi. The benefits and versatility of edible filamentous fungi in several industrial applications, and as a consequence, the large variety of useful products (such as organic acids, proteins, enzymes, medicines, food, beverages, biofuel, and biofertilizers), combined with their inherent ability of fast and […]