Heavy metal tolerance potential of Aspergillus strains isolated from mining sites

Increased heavy metal pollution generated through anthropogenic activities into the environment has necessitated the need for eco-friendly remediation strategies such as mycoremediation. With a view to prospecting for fungi with heavy metal remediation potentials, the tolerance of five Aspergillus species isolated from soils of three active gold and gemstone mining sites in southwestern Nigeria to […]

  Heavy metal tolerance traits of filamentous fungi isolated from gold and gemstone mining sites

Increased environmental pollution has necessitated the need for eco-friendly clean-up strategies. Filamentous fungal species from gold and gemstone mine site soils were isolated, identified and assessed for their tolerance to varied heavy metal concentrations of cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), lead (Pb), arsenic (As) and iron (Fe). The identities of the fungal strains were determined based […]

  MoU with Growel feeds

A memorandum of understanding agreement was signed with Growel Feeds, India, for the farm trials and pilot testing of Mycorena-Ascofeed process and product.